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At any stage of life, financial planning and debt management are crucial. Many individuals believe that only individuals with a high net worth can benefit from this service. This truth, though, is that any income group can take advantage of building a safety cushion, especially given the climate of our economy.


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Asset management allows you to have substantial resources to maintain a certain lifestyle. It also affords you the opportunity to pass on wealth to your future generations. At LDWM LLC, we help you increase your financial standing by outlining a variety of low- and high-risk investment options.


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At Lurie Davis Wealth Management LLC (LDWM LLC), we are registered investment advisors offering financial planning and investment services in the Boston, Massachusetts, Metro Area. Based on the fiduciary responsibility of registered investment advisors, we make certain that everything we recommend is in your best interest.

Our founder is a native of Lynn, Massachusetts. He received his Bachelor of Science in psychology with a minor in business administration from Springfield College in 1986.

His background in the industry began more than 29 years ago at Pioneer Investments®. There he specialized in mutual funds and pensions. Later, he moved on to Fidelity® Investments in their marketing and sales department. Following this period, he served at New England Securities Corporation™ for more than five years as regional marketing specialists before moving to Morgan Stanley™ as investment advisors. He is a board member at They Made It...So Can I, Inc.™ 5th Grade Speakers Series. 

In 2007, behind this long track record of success, he founded Lurie Davis Wealth Management LLC to offer comprehensive asset management service. We are one of the leading places to go to for creating wealth. Ultimately, we help you achieve your financial goals and secure a brighter future for your family.

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